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Rise and Fall of a Sex Club

Soon after arriving in Toronto as immigrants from Belgium in the early 1990s, a married Israeli couple, Shlomo and Aurora Benzion, set up a small lingerie shop in a trendy shopping area of Toronto. My swingers club diary reveals that after more than one naughty private talk with select female customers who were purchasing intimate and provocative sexual accoutrements, the lingerie retailers attended their first swingers Saturday night dance party. The Benzion’s introduction was a regularly occurring Saturday evening social event, a dance party hosted by David and Ruthie Muller at their Club Privé , located at Sweet Cheeks Bar and Grill on Meyerside Road in Mississauga. After a scant few visits the Benzions discovered that outright open fucking in a licensed Ontario lounge or bar was … shall we say … discouraged.

Not to be discouraged, always adroit and creative in their thinking,  [ya’all gotta love my ancestry] the upstart Jewish couple, Shlomo and Aurora Benzion, began hosting very intimate full-on sex orgies on three large mattresses behind a thick black curtain at the rear section of their very intimate intimate apparel merchandise retail shop. After that next year they were flush with cash; their ‘monkey business’ at the rear of their lingerie store proved to be a roaring success.

Then they accomplished something which had never been done in Toronto previously. They rented a compact second story walk-up studio with some small but barely manageable bathroom facilities all located on an iconic thoroughfare smack in the middle of downtown Toronto’s business district. (Hint: The business district is all but abandoned nights and weekends.) Within a year the place was overwhelmed with all-out private invitation sex parties and they were outgrowing their space. The authorities were zealous to interfere but with no formal complaint in hand were stymied. They knew about the naughty operations underway. The Benzions’ action were so blatant for a previously and mostly sedate Toronto that the police, the Mayor, the city council, and other authorities were miffed and stifled. It seems they were all fearful of directly addressing the elephant in the room. But good fortune: the Benzion’s were floating in ready cash. Every swingers club diary reveals that the sex business generates lots of money.

They took a big Benzion plunge. They could not help themselves. The money had been too good and the Benzion’s were both having lots of fun frolicking and fucking their way through a legion of Toronto’s finest sophisticated sluts – both male and female. They bought an old two story building in the newest trendy and gentrified neighborhood of Toronto on Queen Street West, and then began a costly renovation to make the building into their vision of the perfect first generation Canadian on-premise sex club. Shlomo and Aurora envisaged an upscale but Canadian type of New York’s 1980s Plato’s Retreat where all the glitterati would come to indulge their debaucheries. Meanwhile David and Ruthie Muller openly expressed their amazement and consternation (directly to me several times) about the Benzion’s formidable, almost instant success. Their swingers club diary reveals that it had taken the Mullers well over fifteen years to become a powerful and reasonably reputable force in ‘the Lifestyle’ community with their Club Privé. Here were these upstarts, becoming rich and famous by pushing Toronto’s sedate moral boundaries well over the edge, a leap the Muller’s had dared not attempt.

Things went well at Wicked for a while. Because Wicked was never truly a ‘lifestyle’ venue (as was Plato’s Retreat in New York) the Toronto club did not draw ordinary suburban swingers. Only the prominent big shot dabblers, from the fashion world, from high society, from the media and the arts, were drawn in. Coupled to this quasi-exclusivity, the Benzion’s had hired a security staff led by a massive bald black Nubian looking warrior who appeared to be ultra sophisticated and intimidating. The club had opened in May and by early June on any Friday or Saturday evening (Wicked was only open two nights per week until 5 AM.) the wannabe’s – not the truly devoted swingers – were lined up outside. Shortly after 10 PM each evening a queue of pretty people organized in orderly fashion by the security staff could be found stretched some distance along the city block. The couples were vetted at the door and many were refused entrance. Shlomo and Aurora wanted only the top echelon in their sex club. But summer in Toronto sometimes comes to an abrupt end late in September. The glitterati hardly enjoy waiting outside like lined up sheep.

The Benzion’s could control their patrons on the way in, but not so once the customers left the premise. As well as the police, the local home-owners association began to receive many reports of intoxicated Wicked customers vomiting and urinating all over the old staid residential neighborhood. Raucous behavior in the early morning hours, coupled with neighborhood residents having been verbally abused by many of Wicked’s exiting drunk patrons added to the tension.

Trendy residential neighborhoods can always marshal meaningful forces, especially when overrun and denigrated by visiting triflers. Before long the bureaucratic machinery at City Hall had Shlomo and Aurora in their crosshairs. Naturally the glitterati who normally love the spotlight despise the illumination when they are being bad or naughty. With the snap of a finger all the patrons vanished.

The Benzions spent the better part of a year trying to rebuild and reinvigorate their constituency. Credit must be given them for trying. Tactics such as media invitations, open-to-the-public daily tours, evening neighborhood information sessions themed “swingers are nice people too” and “so what if your neighbor is a swinger”, all failed. The taint of sexual scandal was too debilitating. When the sheriff placed the mortgage companies “Notice of Distress” on the front door after changing the locks, the Benzion’s journey into ‘the Lifestyle’ was finished.

Since her source of sexual variety vanished, Aurora followed suit. She slipped away for a quick divorce. With no sex-hungry wife to hold him back, my swingers club diary reveals that Shlomo sought stardom. Why not let you, the reader, discover for yourself how that went, simply by clicking this YouTube link:

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FACTOID: Practitioners of the Tantric sect of Hinduism strive to achieve a transcendental state by using specific Tantric yoga positions for intercourse, prolonging the act to the threshold of orgasm without climax or ejaculation in the belief that higher consciousness can be attained by redirecting the sexual energy of the genitals throughout the body to the brain.

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