Orgasm Without Touch
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Orgasm Without Touch

A California woman has acquired a new “superpower” by learning to orgasm “without touch.”

Catalina Lawsin, 46, made the raunchy revelation in an interview with South West News Service last week, saying practicing tantra several times a week has helped her harness the contactless kink.

The sex therapist based in tony Santa Monica claimed climaxes can now occur while she’s walking around running errands.

“I can be on a walk and invite my orgasm,” Lawsin enthused. “I feel like a badass. Now that’s a superpower!”

Meanwhile, lusty Lawsin hit back at Don Lemon’s infamous claim that middle-aged women are “past their prime,” saying she’s hit her sexual peak in her 40s.

“I have been in the sexual prime of my life for the last seven years,” she excitedly declared. “In my 30s, I was in a sexless relationship with a man who was my best friend but the sexual connection wasn’t there.”

Lawsin says she’s always been an erotic being, boldly stating: “I have a fairly high libido. My sexuality has always been at the core.”

The sensual psychologist, who holds a Ph.D. in her field, and who can orgasm without touch, now specializes in helping couples “reclaim” intimacy, particularly post-menopausal women and patients of chronic or terminal illness.

She shared her top tips with SWNS for lovers who’ve lost their mojo and are struggling to reconnect.

“Practice outside the bedroom to change things in the bedroom,” the kinky Californian advised. “If you haven’t had sex in years, if you’re not even holding hands you’ve got to go D, C, B first.

“Take intercourse off the table. It’s too much pressure,” she continued. “We so often see sex as just intercourse.”

Lawsin — who has a TikTok account boasting more than 163,200 followers — believes sexual satisfaction is “correlated to overall quality of life,” but she says sex doesn’t necessarily have to be with a partner.

“It’s about cultivating our sexual energy and how you can deepen your connection to your body,” she stated.

“Sex used to be transactional for me,” she declared. “But I don’t think that a man makes me orgasm. You determine the quality of your own orgasm.”

Meanwhile, the erotic expert also explained that love for others often begins with self-love, stating: “Tap into your awareness, connect to your bodies. Then build self-trust. Then you can begin to nurture.”

Lawsin says she hopes to enjoy sex with others and on her own for decades to come.

“As we age we gain wisdom,” she said. “We watch our bodies change drastically. Our bodies are vessels and we choose to connect with them.

“As we age let’s be entitled to wear the badges of our body,” she reiterated. “Just because you are 70, it doesn’t mean you can’t have amazing sex.”

(Reprinted from the New York Post)

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