Fun secret sexual life

About Susan

Explore my fun secret sexual life. I am Susan Starr. I am the average housewife-next-door and mother of two, the kind of lady you might pass by in the Walmart and not even notice. I am troubled and saddened that so many of my lady friends confess to me that after ten years of marriage their sex life is dead. This horrible realization -- that sex is near death, or in intensive care inside the hearts and minds of so many -- really scares me. This is why I know my fun secret sexual life must be exposed.

For almost twenty years, my husband and I were swingers. We enthusiastically, and as a couple, pursued sexual relations with others. This is known as 'the Lifestyle'.

We had a blast. You can find naughty details in my book, Lessons Inside 'the Lifestyle' on Amazon. I do hope you also visit my blog often, and post comments. When we talk about sex I get to relive all the exciting times of my fun secret sexual life.

These posts are my contribution to our society, a society which seems to be both advancing and going backwards at the same time. I so desperately want to awaken the hidden inner slut buried in every woman. I know and I feel that magnificence is still living and hiding somewhere in every living woman. This is my mission.

Ladies, please check in for advice or to contribute. Your advice or contributions are most welcome.