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Black Widow: Marjorie Taylor-Greene (2)

Continuing the saga of the naughty Congresswoman.... Chambers, whose grandmother Anne Cox Chambers was the richest person in Georgia until she died last year, bought two gyms in the early 2010s. He really only wanted one in downtown Atlanta, but the previous owner insisted on selling the Alpharetta gym as part of a package. That is where Taylor Greene was already working.

“She was part of the staff I inherited,” Chambers, 36, revealed. “She wasn't someone who needed a paycheck. She was working as a trade - she got free membership and access and the opportunity to learn the business.”

Soon it became apparent that the Black Widow, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, and Craig Ivey had started a sexual affair.

“I know about it because I was a member of the gym,” said one man who asked not to be identified. “Certainly she was screwing around.” The fitness fanatic had previously worked for Jim Chambers, the grandson of billionaire Anne Cox Chambers, at CrossFit Alpharetta in 2012

Taylor Greene has also shared photos at the gym with her husband captioned: “The couple that trains together stays together!” 

The naughty congresswoman Taylor Greene shares three children, Lauren, Taylor and Derek, with husband Perry. Insiders said they believed her marriage was falling apart in the 2010s due to her brazen infidelity, but the couple has remained together

“Guys talk and I know there was definitely sex involved. People don't make up stuff like that. They were spending a lot of time together, turning up at the gym in the same car.

“When I would suggest going out, Craig would say he had things to do with Marjorie.”

Soon after, Chambers brought in a new manager for his Alpharetta gym. Justin Tway moved to Georgia from Colorado, to take over with the understanding that he might end up buying it and taking it off Chambers's hands.

Continuing the saga of the naughty congresswoman, Taylor Greene soon set her sights on him, said both Chambers and the second source.

“This seemed much more serious than the affair with Craig,” said Chambers. “That was more of a flirty thing. But with Justin she seemed to have designs on a more long-term relationship.

“My impression is that she knew he might take over the gym and she wanted to be there right alongside him.” 

Lover Justin Tway repeatedly replies that he has “no interest in talking about anything to do” with Taylor Greene, adding: “Everything with her comes to no good.”

Insiders said Taylor Greene's affair with Tway seemed to have designs on a more long-term relationship Tway, 42, still lives in Alpharetta with his wife Sherrie, whom he met long after his affair with Taylor Greene had ended.

Eventually Taylor Greene did buy another gym in Alpharetta. 

The second source said: “With Marjorie it always seemed to be a power thing. If anyone was a leader or in a position of power, she would gravitate to them, and that is what it was like with Justin.”

Chambers - whose far-left politics are as opposed to Taylor Greene's views as they could possibly be - said he thought she even might have had designs on him as he was going through a divorce at the time. But he insists nothing happened between them.

Taylor Greene has been slammed for her belief in conspiracies linked to the group QAnon which claims former president Donald Trump was sent by God to oust Democrats

“What I do know is that she was a lot different then to what she is now. I worked out with her a lot and she certainly wasn't saying the insane things she is now. If she had been, I would have had nothing to do with her.”

Since his affair with Taylor Greene, Ivey, 42, has moved to Washington State. He worked in at least two CrossFit gyms in Seattle and has now set up a gladiator boot camp called The Ludus. He participates in reenactments of medieval battles and teaches sword fighting. Ivey's profile picture on his Facebook page shows him standing stark naked by a waterfall.

This Black Widow calls herself a 'strong conservative Christian,' who planned to take her 'family values' to Washington. In an undated video, Taylor Greene was seen dragging a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump on stage and then rubbing its crotch as she says how great he is

Taylor Greene had shared videos on social media of her doing some deadlifting and captioned: “Congress is broken ... not working for the American people! It's time to lift the dead weight and kick Pelosi's Congress to the curb in November!”

Medical News Today defines tantric sex as a 'slow, meditative form of sex where the end goal is not orgasm but enjoying the sexual journey and sensations of the body.' Rocker Sting is its most famous practitioner, claiming he and wife Trudie Styler have seven-hour lovemaking sessions.

Ivey is currently living in a trailer in Renton, Washington, but along with a girlfriend and another couple, he has bought a house in Buckley, an hour south of Seattle, which he says he wants to turn into a polyamorous commune.  

When questioned, Ivey said: “I have made myself very clear, I will not respond to anything about this again”.

He also threatened to call the police on a reporter. “Please stay away from me and anyone connected with my life,” he said in a text message.

Tway, also 42, still lives in Alpharetta with his wife Sherrie, whom he met long after his affair with Taylor Greene had ended. The couple run a gym in the city, often taking their 'gym pups', Briggs and Salo, along with them.

Taylor Greene and her husband along with their three children, Lauren, Taylor and Derek, moved from Alpharetta last year when they bought a $610,000 home in Rome, Georgia, so she could live inside her congressional district. They still own their previous house in Alpharetta, where Perry runs a construction and renovation company that was founded by Marjorie's father.

The saga of the naughty congresswoman will continue to unfold.

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