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Black Widow: Marjorie Taylor- Greene (1)

Be warned. This is both a funny and a sad story about congressional marital infidelity.

Meet another notorious Black Widow practicing marital infidelity. Controversial conspiracy congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene cheated on her husband with a polyamorous tantric sex guru. Then after ending her affair with him, the mom-of-three moved on to a gym manager behind her husband's back. But despite the tawdry flings, Taylor Greene stuck with her husband Perry as she made her unlikely rise that has turned her into the most talked-about Republican in Washington D.C.


Craig Ivey, the tantric sex practitioner, said: “I will not respond to anything about this.” Labelling her a Black Widow, the other man, Justin Tway, said: “I have no interest in talking about anything to do with that woman. Everything with her comes to no good.” But others say the new representative from Georgia's 14th Congressional District who engaged in congressional marital infidelity was brazen about her affairs which she carried on a decade ago while working in gyms in Alpharetta, Georgia.

'It wasn't a secret. Everyone who moved in her circles knew about both the affairs,' one man who worked closely with Taylor-Greene revealed. And her boss, billionaire's grandson Jim Chambers, added: 'She socialized a lot with us. I remember one particular pool party where she was lying draped over Craig's lap drinking a beer.

“She was quite open about it,” he added. “We all thought her marriage was falling apart. But then I took my son to her son's birthday party and things seemed totally normal between her and her husband - even if they were a little lukewarm.”

In response to requests for comment, Taylor-Greene called the story “ridiculous tabloid garbage spread by an avowed Communist,” and “another attempt to smear my name because I’m the biggest threat to the Democrats’ Socialist agenda.” 

Her attorney L. Lin Wood, has previously said that an article about the allegations published by the New Yorker magazine was “intended to smear her with false accusations, half-truths, misrepresentations, out-of-context statements, and agenda driven lies.”  

Taylor-Greene, 46, has become notorious since being elected to Congress. She calls herself a 'strong conservative Christian,' who planned to take her 'family values' to Washington.

On Instagram, Ivey calls himself The Tantric Warrior, describing himself as “Living a warrior lifestyle while finding tantric love”. He also participates in reenactments of medieval battles and teaches sword fighting. Since his affair with Taylor-Greene, Ivey, 42, has moved to Washington State. His social media photos show his political views are polar opposite to that of the Georgia Republican. Ivey's profile picture on his Facebook page shows him standing stark naked by a waterfall. He has now set up a gladiator boot camp called The Ludus. Ivey has refused to address his affair with Greene.

Greene has been slammed for her belief in conspiracies linked to the group QAnon which claims former president Donald Trump was sent by God to oust Democrats who are involved in a nationwide ring that traffics, abuses, kills and even eats children. She has also said that the Parkland and Sandy Hook school shootings were 'false flag' operations aimed at tightening gun control, harassed Parkland survivor David Hogg on the streets and questioned whether the September 11 terrorist attacks were real.

Congress voted last week to remove her from her committee assignments due to her outrageous beliefs and actions. Rumors of Taylor-Greene's affairs have been around since she hit the headlines in the summer by winning the Republican primary for her seat, which covers a wide swath of rural north west Georgia.

Chambers even tweeted out at the time: “@mtgreenee so when you worked for me at CrossFit Alpharetta in 2012, the extramarital affairs you had with Justin and Craig, those were Jesus-approved, right?”

Rumors of Taylor-Greene's affairs began to resurface in the summer when she won the Republican primary for her seat. Her former boss at the gym, Jim Chambers, referenced her congressional marital infidelity relationships with Justin and Craig in a tweet in June. 

He then added: “I would never choose to doc someone's infidelities … unless they're this person,” and linked to a Marjorie Taylor Greene for Congress page.

An October 2020 New Yorker profile of her said a reporter had seen texts in which Taylor Greene admitted sleeping with one man outside her marriage. The New Yorker always speaks truth.

(congressional marital infidelity continued: next post)

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