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Alissa McCommon has been Arrested

Tennessee Grade 4 teacher Alissa McCommon has been arrested for allegedly raping a 12-year-old boy and trying to lure others into her web.

Cops say McCommon, 38, was arrested outside her home by the Covington Police Department. She is accused of sexually assaulting her young former student inside her home in 2021.

She allegedly admitted to inappropriate contact with her students. McCommon was suspended without pay in August after a concerned parent came forward.

After that, several other students claimed that the Charger Academy teacher befriended them online. McCommon even played video games with the children.

According to cops, as an added bonus, the mother-of-two sent her new young friends inappropriate photos — and asked to have sex with them.

“It is unbearable. It’s unspeakable and it’s 100% preventable. I think that’s why the detectives and we are so passionate about making sure victims are OK,” Police Chief Donna Turner told WREG.

McCommon, the alleged rapist, is being held at the Tipton County Jail on a $25,000 bond and maintains her innocence.

Now that Alissa McCommon has been arrested, her lawyer, Jere Mason, said: “We believe that it’s borderline a witch hunt on social media and that’s frustrating to us.”

McCommon is slated to appear in court on Oct. 13.

Meanwhile, a Southern California school district has been ordered to fork over an extra $2.25 million to settle the latest lawsuit involving a teacher who was impregnated by one of the two students she was accused of sexually abusing.

So far, Redlands Unified School District has coughed up $8.25 million to the victims of teaching temptress Laura Whitehurst since her 2013 arrest. In 2016, the district paid $6 million to the boy who impregnated Whitehurst.

In 2013, Whitehurst confessed to cops she had sex with the boy 10 to 15 times in her classroom and at her apartment.

Now, another student claims he was sexually targeted at Redlands High School by Whitehurst in 2007 and 2008 when he was 14.

The school board would not comment.

In both instances, the victims claimed that the school district was as aware of her sexual relationships with students — but did nothing and failed to warn their families.

Whitehurst taught English and acted as a soccer coach at the school. She gave birth in 2014 following a worried year-long relationship that began when the boy was 16.

She served six months in jail and is a registered sex offender as part of a plea bargain. Redlands paid up but put all the blame on Whitehurst.

Whitehurst told reporters when she was first arrested that she was “just a clean-cut American girl.”

Two more students have since come forward claiming they too had sexual relationships with the teacher.

(Reprinted from the Toronto Sun)

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