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Black Widow: Reflections

Let me be brutal and say so directly. Women, especially Black Widows, those who follow Tolstoy's credo "Vengeance is mine", are smarter than men. They have always been smarter than men. The simple law of nature invoked to arrive at this conclusion is : balance. Nature can be accused of many crimes, many wonders, and much chaos. But what is undeniable is the irrefutable conclusion that everything about and around nature is, has always been, and will forever be, in some sort of balance. Just think about this one simple idea. Why don’t the planets fall out of the sky? Balance: simple.

Balance in the realm of gender means some sort of equality or justice. So if men are physically stronger than women (which is generally undeniable), then it follows that women are emotionally or mentally stronger than men: perforce, to maintain nature’s built-in balance.

And that is where the Black Widow enters the picture. The women previously identified as Black Widows: Stephanie Phillips, Carmel Nistco, Lesli Szabo, Fran Kennedy, and Marjorie Taylor-Greene, have all, bouncing, moving, or travelling through life, left a trail of destruction and mayhem. A trail hard for them to justify by saying they were all just trying to get by.

In each case, and in a plethora of other cases I could describe to you, the Black Widow woman adopted a vicious burn and scorched earth philosophy. Her agenda (maybe her ‘vagenda’ is more accurate) did not merely take precedence, her agenda became the sine qua non.

Everyone is selfish. That is a given. But to put the boots to another person when one has nothing to gain, no upside, that is just being mean for the sake of being mean. That is the makeup of the Black Widow woman. Mean, malicious, and malevolent: all for no reason, no gain, no advantage. Is she driven to destroy simply by personal preference rather than for personal gain? Or maybe she doesn’t even know what she is doing. But I’m not sure that lets her off the hook.

Clearly her Black Widow pathology is directly attributable to men. Misogyny, marginalization, oppression, and hundreds of other put-downs, carried on by men since antiquity and based mainly on the male having been and today still being physically stronger has brought about this state of affairs. So, the countervailing force developed by some women stands in my view, as Black Widow behavior. Happily, for men, most women choose a kinder more compassionate alternative. Yet both issues continue to plague society: women being abused in thousands of the most subtle of ways, and a small portion of them developing the vengeful coping skills which I have, lacking a better term, labelled, Black Widow behavior.

So, is there a link? Sex therapists and educators [e.g. Dr. Betty Dodson, Masters & Johnson] suggest that up to two-thirds of females experience difficulties with having orgasms. Does a non-orgasmic state of mind accentuate or propagate Black Widow behavior?

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FACTOID: The custom of placing an affectionate symbolic kiss in the form of an X following one’s signature on a letter originated from the medieval practice of a largely uneducated and illiterate European society. An important document was usually signed with an X, which was then kissed as a display of sincerity.

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