Julia Zelg & Eileen de Freest
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Julia Zelg & Eileen de Freest

The marriage between twenty-nine year old social influencer Julia Zelg and Eileen de Freest (sixty-six) is going through challenges. Julia admitted that after four years of marriage the two have run into differences caused by the thirty-seven year age gap. The development has forced them to agree to start dating independent partners outside their relationship while remaining married.

According to an Instagram video on Julia’s Youtube, the pair met on Tinder and married in 2019, but the union recently hit a snag. Julia and Eileen say they realized that they're in 'very different places' in their lives, prompting them to open up their marriage to dating other people. 

The lovebirds were, however, quick to add that despite the age difference between them, they are still "a team". They admitted that they faced several "marital issues" during the lockdown period as they were living in a small space and dealing with substantial Covid stress. 

With honesty being one of the rules in their union, Julia Zelg and Eileen de Freest agreed to start "casually" dating other people and even meet each other's new love interests. “We are ethically non-monogamous, which has allowed us both to explore other connections while coming back together,” Julia said. According to the young woman, she's at a stage where she's exploring her sexuality, while her partner is more interested in intellectual connections than physical ones. She added that, at 66 years old, Eileen has the right to be retired and doesn't have to live life at the same pace as her. 

Eileen revealed that one of the things that has been difficult for her in the four-and-a-half-year marriage is that her hormones are all over the place. “It’s been really fun to connect over crushes, dates, and more, and it’s brought a new energy and lightness to our connection,” Julia continued. The wives also explained that, given their differences in age and taste, it was impossible to introduce a third member who would fill both voids. It was, therefore, sensible to open their marriage so that each of them would get a different partner at their level. “Sometimes we’re not attracted to the same people or the people we’re attracted to are not attracted to both of us. We are so different, and we have different types,” said Julia.

This Youtube video explains everything:


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