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Simple Smart Seduction Schemes

Simple smart seduction schemes explained.

Although "Just grab 'em by the pussy" seems to be a favorite phrase uttered by Donald J. Trump, this is profoundly bad advice. Not only is this tactic crude and cruel, it is also dangerous. Furthermore, given the current state of required politically correct behavior, this act is also illegal. That is to say nothing of the fact that, if a female targeted in this manner happens to be trained in self-defense, the perpetrator could end up with a broken nose or even worse. My story provides several much better ways.

My very old friend Harry carried off these smart seduction schemes magnificently at the tender age of nineteen.

I was also nineteen and a little on the promiscuous side. As well, I was one member of a pack of ten or twelve young girls who hung out, socialized, and partied together. One of my girlfriends hailed from Maryland in the USA and was also nineteen. Rochelle had very big boobs. More about her breasts in a moment. It was the summer of 1966 and as indicated I was a little wild (see Chapter 43 in my memoir). A few weeks after I met Bob I introduced him (He was not yet my boyfriend.) to Rochelle. I did not immediately know that Bob was instantly smitten with the giant bust my friend Rochelle carried around.

As I took off to pursue my flighty ways, when Bob couldn’t reach me he called Rochelle. One thing led to another and over a half-pint of gin mixed with warm ginger ale (ugh!) they got just a little romantic. Let’s face it; he had just turned twenty-one, had an old jalopy, and she was nineteen and very eager. What else might you expect?

Before too long Bob and Rochelle were what we might call a hot and heavy item, although there was no sexual intercourse involved. At the end of the summer Rochelle returned to Maryland to begin university. I was too busy having fun elsewhere. Although not consciously, I was avoiding Bob. As autumn took hold, tempering my summer induced wild ways, I sent Bob a greeting card with a very short message. On the card I wrote only these words, “Have you forgotten my phone number?” and I signed it.

I knew Bob would call and he did. In short order we began our tumultuous relationship (which continues to this day). Because Bob was a bit of a playboy (read: cheater), when Rochelle returned to Toronto to spend a week with her cousins during the fall midterm break, Bob couldn’t stay away from those large breasts. That’s when Bob introduced Rochelle to Harry. In retrospect it’s clear to me that Harry saw something in Rochelle that Bob had overlooked: the hidden raging fire in her loins.

That’s the back story: now to the seduction part.

Harry was sweet toward Rochelle on the one or two occasions they were together (Bob was present.) during her fall semester break from university while she was in Toronto. Just after she returned to Maryland Harry called Rochelle’s Toronto cousin and asked for her phone number. He called Rochelle in Maryland and explained that he had to be close to Silver Springs, Maryland where she lived, to attend to a family matter in one week’s time (simply a lie). He asked if he could drop in to see her for a short visit.

The next weekend he made his move using simple smart seduction schemes. He loaned his father’s car. He put on his best three piece custom made dark dress suit, a white dress shirt, and a designer tie; then he bought a fancy box of chocolates for Rochelle and a trinket for her mother. Fully equipped, he set off driving the eight and a half hours to her home in Maryland.

Six weeks later they were engaged. Ten weeks after the engagement they were married. The intervening details for the following year to eighteen months after the marriage are unimportant to the story although I am not really privy to them.

So now we jump forward ten years. Bob and I have been married for just over eleven years and we have a four year old son. On a hot summer day we are sitting around our swimming pool with Rochelle having a few alcoholic beverages. The three of us are getting slightly drunk and just a little loose-lipped when Rochelle finally reveals her story.

“I didn’t know he had a severe congenital handicap until I saw him that day in the divorce court.”

“What do you mean?” asked Bob.

Almost simultaneously I asked, “How could you not know?” and then I volunteered, “One of his legs is more than six inches shorter than the other.”

“I never saw it before that day in court.” Rochelle shyly responded.

Bob chimed in with, “That’s impossible! You’re making that up”.

Rochelle continued: “No I’m not. Believe me. I promise; I never saw it before that day.”

“How is that possible?” I naively asked.

Her answer was both stunning and revealing. “In the two years we were together I never saw it.” she offered demurely adding, “… maybe I never wanted to.”

Rochelle is not a stupid person; on the contrary she is very bright. But this real-life example shows how the human mind can justify absolute denial about what the eyes clearly see. That is what seduction is all about. I hope you will read this little tale again and count the tools Harry used.


Make no mistake. At the age of nineteen I was also seducing Bob. But I was doing so with a big difference. I was using elements from the female simple smart seduction schemes toolkit: feigning nonchalance, creating mystery, pretending I was playing the field, and finally, reaching out with an invitation in writing.

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FACTOID: The invention of the chastity belt, first known as “the Girdle of Venus” or “the Florentine Girdle,” was said to originate from Homer’s Odyssey, in which Aphrodite’s husband, Hephaistos, forged a girdle as punishment for her marital infidelities.

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