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Rape & Predators Can Be Subtle

Everyone thinks having low self-esteem is a bad thing but I actually think it can be really helpful, say in the case of warding off child predators. Even they couldn’t believe how low my self-esteem was. They’re like "Girl, you’re beautiful” and I’m like “Now I know for sure you’re a fucking liar cuz even my own mom won’t call me beautiful." And if you think I’m beautiful, then you’re definitely fucking crazy. Least I never fell for that shit,...try to make me feel good about myself to earn my trust? Sir, are you assuming I was raised in an emotionally healthy environment? IDIOT. 

Tell me I’m a hairy mongrel with buck teeth and I’ll come slithering on over like “…Yes? You rang?” Not hitting puberty till I was 15 was actually really great. I got spared for the most part of being creeped on but then my tits grew just enough for me to need a bra and it was game over. Every tiny Latino dude (clearly, the ones in whom I could never have a speck of interest)) walking in my neighborhood was asking me if I would like to go to the movies to make me feel good.

NO JOSE. I DON’T. I want to finish my shift at Food Basics, go home, and try to learn how to be less ugly. That meant flattening my hair into submission with a fire wand and figuring out how to laugh with my mouth closed so no one could see my mouth full of braces when I laughed like crazy at something stupid one of my stupid friends did.

God I love a good belly laugh.

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FACTOID: In April 1970, Gloria Sykes of Dearborn Heights, Michigan was awarded a $50,000 judgment against the San Francisco railway for injuries she sustained in a cable car accident. In addition to two black eyes and several bruises, she claimed that trauma from the accident had caused her to become a nymphomaniac, and that she once had sex fifty times within a period of five days.

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