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Sex Trafficking Socialite

As the clock races towards Ghislaine Maxwell’s November sex trafficking trial, her society pals are making themselves scarce.

Of particular horror to the horsey set is a three-part BBC series ominously entitled The Fall Of The House Of Maxwell,. but according to Tatler Magazine, reporters have run into a brick wall.

“All members of higher society in New York refused to talk to the BBC. Some people are buying the copyrights to photos both in London and New York to remove the pictures from the market that shows them with Ghislaine and/or Epstein,” one source told the New York Post.

Another added: “People in NYC high society aren’t lining up to speak to the BBC.”

Maxwell, 59, was the long-time paramour and alleged recruiter of underage girls for sex trafficking fiend Jeffrey Epstein.

He killed himself in 2019 and Maxwell was arrested a year later on sex trafficking charges which she steadfastly denies.

The Fall Of The House Of Maxwell — not expected to air until after Ghislaine Maxwell goes on trial in November — is a three-part series that charts the rags to riches and rags again story of the socialite’s family.

Maxwell’s father was disgraced press baron Robert “The Bouncing Czech” Maxwell who looted the pension funds of his newspapers in an elaborate Ponzi scheme. He died mysteriously after tumbling off his yacht in the Canary Islands in 1991.

According to the publicity release, the documentary is “charting the story of one of the most extraordinary family sagas the world has ever seen … a staggering tale of fortunes built and lost, mysterious deaths, society intrigue and a spectacular descent into scandal, culminating in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell’.

It states: “From Robert Maxwell’s beginnings as impoverished survivor of the Holocaust, via the extraordinary creation and collapse of his multi-million pound media business, his apparently accidental death and revelations of fraud on a grand scale, to the prosecution of his daughter thirty years later for her alleged involvement in grooming underage victims for sexual abuse, it’s the tale of the rise and fall of the first great modern media mogul and of the unravelling of his deeply troubled family.”

Maxwell remains in a Brooklyn jail.

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