The female orgasm
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The Female Orgasm

The female orgasm feels amazing. We all know that. Orgasms are the pinnacle of sensation if you’re lucky enough to have one. That much we also know. But, why do orgasms feel so good? What is it about them that makes our whole body feel full of bliss and pleasure? It seems pretty simple to understand. They feel good because it’s an orgasm and orgasms are supposed to feel great.

However, there are actual, scientific reasons the female orgasm feels so damn good. Understanding this and what an orgasm actually is, can help you to achieve more of them and get the most out of your sex life. We know they feel great, but what exactly is an orgasm?

The female orgasm is a feeling, a sensation, for sure, but sometimes when you can’t see something, it’s hard to understand. For a guy, it’s a little easier – they orgasm and ejaculate. You can see the evidence. For a woman, there is rarely anything to see. To break it down, an orgasm is the pinnacle of sexual arousal. During sex, muscles tighten and sexual tension builds up. When you reach orgasm, all of that releases at the same time.

For women, lots of muscular contractions are felt in the pelvic floor, uterus, and the vagina, even across the rest of the body if it’s a particularly strong one. A small percentage of women actually ejaculate during sex, but for men, this is obviously a regular occurrence. So, an orgasm is a release of tension that can be either earth-shattering or slightly less so, depending upon many different factors. One thing is for sure, there is no such thing as a bad orgasm!

There’s a lot more to gain by having orgasms than just feeling good. Not only are they great stress reducers, they can also improve your sleep, make your heart healthier, and can even make your immune system stronger. And that’s all not including the fact that when you have more orgasms with your partner specifically, you bond closer to them.

Plus, the female orgasm also makes you happier. We all know how much better life is when we’re happy. Let’s check out some specific benefits of orgasms.

When having sex, the line between pain and pleasure gets fudged a little. That’s why so many people enjoy rough sex that includes spanking, hair pulling, and even flogging. Those things that are traditionally painful aren’t painful at all anymore.

Sex is hella good for your body. It’s especially good for your heart and immune system. Since your heart is working harder during orgasm, it’ll get stronger and stronger the more of them you have. This means your heart can hold out for much longer as you age. We all know how much of a workout sex is. It can be just as beneficial as a 30-minute run. Which, of course, can help you stay fitter and in shape.

Instead of getting a face-lift, just have more sex! Since the human growth hormone gets released during sex and it’s responsible for giving your skin its elasticity, it’ll help you look a lot younger.

Some may argue this, but science doesn’t lie. When you orgasm, there’s increased blood flow to your brain. This also means your brain receives even more oxygen and, when your brain is fully oxygenated, it heals faster and is stronger in general. Therefore, you’re smarter.

Orgasms are the ultimate in stress relief and as such, you’ll feel a lot more relaxed as a result of more sex. Shortly, we’re going to talk about why orgasms feel so good and one of the points is about the release of hormones and endorphins. These can help you to feel calmer and help to boost your mood too. Oxytocin released during orgasm has been shown to be beneficial for your skin. You’ll suffer fewer breakouts and have that youthful glow that only an orgasm can give you!

Body confidence is an issue for many people, but once you’ve had an orgasm you really don’t care about any of that! The more sex you have, the more confident you’ll gain within yourself and you’ll feel ultra-desirable. That’s fantastic for confidence on many levels. The oxytocin released during the female orgasm is ideal for helping you to feel totally chilled out and ready for a good night’s sleep. All of that released tension will leave your body feeling as light as a feather, and you’ll find your eyes start to close on their own. For the best effect, have sex just before bed.

DHEA, a chemical which is released during the female orgasm, helps to repair tissues, promotes the strengthening of your bones and basically gives your immune system a good old boost. If you want to do your best to avoid the common cold, perhaps more sex is all you need!

Yes, there is a real reason that explains why orgasms feel so amazing. It has more to do with science and human evolution than you may think, too. If you thought orgasms were purely for joy, think again. 

So why do orgasms feel so good? Here’s what science has to say.

Orgasms are fantastic because of what they release. Oxytocin is a hormone that’s responsible for a number of things in your body, including the feelings of love. The more orgasms you have, the more closely you bond to the person who gave them to you. This awesome little chemical also reduces stress and helps you relax. No wonder you feel so great after an orgasm. Your body is pumping out this feel-good hormone.

Another reason orgasms feel so great is simply because they reduce stress. Stress elevates your levels of cortisol, which is often referred to as a stress hormone. Since elevated levels of this hormone can cause serious problems in your body, including issues with digestion, sleep, high blood pressure, and a worse immune system, lowering those levels will help you feel amazing. Which is exactly what the female orgasm does. When they reduce your stress levels, your body basically sighs a relief on the inside – along with your sighs of pleasure on the outside.

The way your brain is altered during an orgasm actually puts your body in a trance-like state. You don’t feel pain nearly as much and you lose a sense of self. You basically lose your sense of self and end up focusing entirely on the pleasurable feelings. That’s why orgasms feel so incredibly great. They have the ability to block out other sensations going on in your body and even in your surroundings.

This is your emotional control system. When your body is sexually stimulated, it alerts this part of your brain and tells it that it’s time to get frisky. And that means your hippocampus is also activated, which is the part of your brain responsible for fantasies and memories. Not only that, but it also triggers your amygdala, another emotional section of your brain that’s responsible for aggression, fear, and sexual functioning. And since that’s such a highly emotional and sensitive part of your brain, having it stimulated makes you feel all sorts of great things.

This happens when your orgasm is basically an orgasm. It’s the finale. All of your heightened senses and everything that’s triggered during sex finally peaks in these areas. This is what makes your pupils dilate, your heart rate increases, and these regions are responsible for the epic feel-goods that happen when you finish.

While your nucleus accumbens gets triggered, your brain also releases a shit ton of dopamine into it. And since the nucleus accumbens is the reward system of your brain, it’s basically like you’re feeding it good things while having sex. So basically, sex is addicting. It’s the same part of your brain that gets triggered when you eat chocolate, caffeine, cocaine, and even nicotine. The more you have, the better it feels. It’s all about the survival of our species. We can talk all day about how our brains make orgasms feel good. But at the end of the day, it’s evolution. In order for our species to survive, we needed to reproduce. We needed to want to make babies. What better way of ensuring we reproduce than to make the process feel ridiculously amazing?

Genetically, a long time ago, those who had more kids were those who found sex to feel the best. Which means they engaged in it a lot, hence the excessive amount of children. Those kids then received the same genetics that made sex feel amazing. This cycle continued for thousands upon thousands of years and now sex feels incredible. So, scientifically speaking, sex feels good because it ensures the survival of our species.

You might think that an orgasm is just an orgasm – wrong! There are different types of orgasm that a woman can experience, depending upon where in the body they originate from. Of course, every orgasm feels great but if you want to experience different types and expand your orgasmic reach, it’s a good idea to learn about them.

It’s common knowledge that not every woman finds it easy to reach orgasm through penetrative sex alone. The easiest way for most women to hit the big O is to apply clitoral pressure. This means using rubbing or circular motions *whichever feels good to you* over the clitoris until you reach a clitoral orgasm. Typically, this type of orgasm feels super-tingly and relaxing. Many women find it hard to hit the vaginal orgasm without clitoral stimulation at the same time, but it is entirely possible. Once your partner does something which leads you to feel like pressure is building, encourage them to stay with it and keep doing what they’re doing.

The key to a vaginal orgasm is building tension through repetition. It’s possible for your partner to know when you’ve had this type of orgasm because your vaginal walls will contract. The orgasm itself feels like a whole body experience. You’ll feel it much deeper in your body and you’ll feel warm, totally relaxed, and tingly.

It’s rare, but it’s entirely possible for some women to reach orgasm through anal sex. Of course, that depends on whether you enjoy anal sex or not – some women do, many don’t. Either way, it’s perfectly fine. This type of orgasm isn’t felt in the vagina, it’s felt around the sphincter of the anus and it’s a contracting feeling of the muscles.

Many women believe this to be a myth, but the g-spot really does exist! It’s a patch of spongy tissue inside the vagina, up towards the navel. The best way to reach it is with a finger or two and a ‘come hither’ motion. This type of orgasm can be very intense and you’ll usually feel a very intense need to pee. Don’t worry, you’re not going to wet yourself, it’s just a sign that a hard orgasm is coming your way.

Any orgasm is a good orgasm but by learning about types and why they feel good, you’ll be able to enhance your chances of hitting the big O time and time again.

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