Nygard's troubles
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Nygard’s Toronto Troubles

Nygard's Toronto troubles are just starting. Former Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard has been charged with multiple historical sexual assaults that allegedly occurred in Toronto between October 1987 and March 2006.

“As in the past, Mr. Nygard denies any allegations of criminal conduct,” his lawyer, Brian Greenspan, told reporters Friday in Winnipeg where the 80-year consented to his extradition to the United States to face separate charges.

Authorities in New York City allege seven victims will testify in a criminal trial that their livelihood became dependent on having sex with Nygard.

In Toronto, the new charges relate to the allegations of six women, one who was 16 when Nygard is accused of sexually assaulting her, said Shannon Moroney, a therapist, and author. She is supporting many Nygard accusers, including five of the Toronto complainants.

Moroney said Friday she believes some of the alleged assaults took place in his office on Niagara Street in Toronto.

On Friday, Nygard appeared in a Winnipeg courtroom via videolink from his jail cell in an extradition proceeding that was broadcast live on the internet. Federal lawyers told the judge he has consented to committal and will be extradited to the U.S., where his lawyers say he wants to prove his innocence.

Nygard’s lawyers indicated outside the courthouse that his health has deteriorated. He was arrested at his Winnipeg home last December.

Nygard's Toronto troubles are just beginning. Still to be determined is the timing of the extradition, and whether he will have to answer to the Canadian charges before being sent south of the border.

NOTE: My memoir Lessons Inside 'the Lifestyle' details my personal voyeuristic involvement with Peter Nygard at the famous Toronto sex club, Club Prive. You can read about Nygard's very naughty escapades with two paid sex workers one Saturday while I stood by and watched, in Chapter 29.

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