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Sex Cult NXIVM Doctor Loses License

New York state health officials at a hearing in Albany stripped Dr. Danielle Roberts, who has been associated with the sex cult NXIVM that masqueraded as a self-help marketing company, of her medical license.

According to a report from the Associated Press published two weeks ago, officials at the New York Department of Health officials sustained multiple counts of professional misconduct against Dr. Roberts, including her use of a cauterizing machine "to intentionally cause them pain," the New York Post reported. 

A subcommittee decided to revoke her license in a 3-0 decision, the Times Union in Albany reported, agreeing that Roberts engaged in 12 forms of professional misconduct.

According to the reports, Roberts was part of the DOS group within the sex cult NXIVM and, without using anesthesia, burned "'KAR' (the initials of the founder) on the pelvic region of at least 17 women."  

Former sex cult NXIVM member, Mark Vincente, identified Roberts as both "a slave and a master" in a June 2019 trial against founder Keith Raniere. He called her the "brander."

One woman described the experience as "an acute fire in the most sensitive part of my body," according to the decision reported by the Times Union.

When Roberts testified, she denied "being brainwashed, yet she expressed no real remorse, which represented to the hearing committee her distorted reality and the very real concern that others remain vulnerable to her future brandings," the committee's decision read, according to The Post

"The evidence in the case was overwhelming that she was not practicing medicine and therefore the normal standards that apply to medical practice don't apply," Roberts' attorney Anthony Scher told the Associated Press on Friday, adding that Roberts was likely to appeal the decision.

Vincente went into detail describing the branding process during a 2019 hearing against Keith A. Raniere in Brooklyn. 

In October 2020, Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison on seven felony convictions, The Post reported. The convictions included sex-trafficking, racketeering, child pornography, and forced labor.

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