Swallowing cum
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Swallowing Cum

Maybe you’re a spitter who wants to transition to the swallowing club, or maybe you just want to learn how to do it right, well, this is how to swallow cum without gagging or feeling like throwing up.

My very first experience with swallowing cum

I don’t want to scare you, but I just want you to know where things can go wrong if you’re not mentally prepared. The very first time I tried swallowing cum was with my high school boyfriend. Both of us had no experience. We wanted to try something new. And he was face-fucking me because that seemed like the easiest way to help him ejaculate. It wasn’t all that bad, and I was actually enjoying it. 

But where everything went wrong was when he actually ejaculated into my mouth, over my tongue while face-fucking me. All I could feel was something hot and jellylike that filled my mouth and made me suffocate, what with a dick in my mouth and all! I immediately tried to swallow it by gulping it down.

Wrong move, because it’s just not easy to swallow when your mouth is wide open and you’ve got a penis blocking the entrance to your mouth. I ended up gagging, and coughing, and coughing really hard. I literally had to cough and splutter for two whole minutes while I hacked all that semen out of my mouth. And then, there was some blood! Some of the blood vessels in my mouth had burst with my intense coughing!!

We laughed about it because it wasn’t painful, it was just funny and embarrassing, for me and for him! But my then-boyfriend was too traumatized to ever try that with me again! That was my first time, and my last time trying to swallow his cum.

Learning from my mistakes and getting better at swallowing

Ever since that incident, it took me a while to try swallowing again. I was still curious though, and I wasn’t put off by cum anyways. So that just made it easier for me to give it another try, and another! But if you’re one of those girls who find cum in the mouth repulsive, you just don’t have to do it. Your boyfriend will just find another place to ejaculate, and life will still be just as good.

But, if you do know how to swallow cum, it does look way sexier and in control. And you do feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence that just can’t be explained. So if you’re here to learn how to swallow cum, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve gone from someone who choked out a little bit of blood to someone who now enjoys swallowing instead of spitting.

Going from spitter to swallowing cum

For a few years, I used to be a spitter, that was until I realized it was just easier for me to swallow. Once I started swallowing, I never really had any bad experiences at all. Oh yeah, just one overly salty experience with a guy that totally had me put off from cum for a while!

I get it, ladies, some guys have very strong tasting cum which is something that once enters your mouth, scars you forever. But if you’re new to the swallow game, don’t worry, it only gets better with experience. Want to know what different guys’ cum tastes like? Find out about the different tastes of cum according to many women who share their own experiences.

Personally, I find swallowing an easier and sexier way of dealing with cum. You just need to know how to swallow cum properly and you won’t have any problems. Honestly, no guy is going to think it’s sexy to watch his girlfriend sitting at the foot of the bed and slowly and purposefully spitting out dribbles of cum after he ejaculates into her mouth.

Spitting is easier, but it makes the experience less fun, for you and for him. So, listen up, I’m going to tell you how to swallow cum and move away from spitting into a Kleenex.

Swallowing cum and doing it like you really enjoy it

First of all, you don’t have to swallow. But if you do want to learn, do it for yourself. I really don’t think a guy would care too much if you spit or swallow. And if it matters so much to him, maybe he’s just too self-centered and likes watching you eat his cum for dessert. 

Do it because you want to try something new in bed, and probably because you love your man enough to give it a real try. Don’t do it to keep him happy, it just won’t help because his list of demands will only grow.

1. You can do things beyond swallowing cum

If you want to swallow his cum, but you’re nervous, that’s totally fine. You can spit it out or have him ejaculate on your stomach, ass, or tits. Swallowing isn’t the only option you have.

If he’s making you swallow his cum when you don’t want to, tell him you don’t like it. If he ignores this, you should reconsider if sex with this person is a wise decision.

2. Don’t be shy to talk to him about swallowing cum

If you have never swallowed before or if his cum tastes very strong, tell him. He’ll be understanding and help you out with the entire process. Now, maybe you really want to swallow but the smell of his cum is just too much, I get it. Some guys just have that smell, but you should know, he can change that.

3. He can do his part

So, remember when I said that he can actually change the flavor of his cum? Well, it’s true. If he’s eating artichokes, asparagus, or a lot of meat, his cum will be very strong. Which, I can’t lie, is gnarly to try to swallow down.

Instead, he should be eating more fruits and vegetables. He doesn’t have to go vegan or vegetarian, but heavy and greasy foods are causing his cum to be too much. So, get him to hit up the fruit and vegetable aisle at the grocery store—if he’s smart, he’ll do it.

4. Have his dick go all the way back

Swallowing is pretty easy. The important thing is that you want to make sure it hits the back of your throat. That way, you avoid the taste and texture of it.

Many women don’t like the texture, and I don’t blame them. It feels like you’ve got something warm, gluey and sticky in your mouth that takes a few seconds to go away. So, when he’s about to ejaculate, make sure the dick is all the way in your mouth as far in as possible.

5. Wash it down with water or juice 

Now, even though he’s eating all the fruits and veggies in sight, you can still wash down his cum by drinking water or juice. It completely masks the taste, just don’t drink milk. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it, but there’s just something about milk after cum that’s off putting.

6. Swallow if you know he’s clean of STI’s

Now I’m a fan of swallowing, but you want to make sure the cum you’re going to swallow is STI free. Why? Because his semen can transfer infections like HIV and hepatitis. Swallowing a load really isn’t worth contracting an STI. So, be smart and make sure he’s clean.

7. You can play with his cum

This technique is for women who have passed the basic swallowing stage and have no problems with it. If you want to amp it up, when he ejaculates in your mouth, you can play around with it. So, don’t swallow right away. Pretend it’s bubblegum, use your fingers in your mouth, or swirl it around. The options are really endless, it just depends on what turns you and him on.

8. Use sounds

If you want to show him that you’re really into it, then try to moan while you swallow or play with it. It makes the experience more sensual and naughty. Throw in a couple sounds and you’re good to go. You can even amp it up by dirty talking while playing or swallowing it.

9. You’re in control 

It’s important that you stay in control when you’re swallowing his load. So many guys try to take control and ejaculate where they want, but you need to make sure that this situation is comfortable for you. If you’re stressed or anxious, swallowing his load is going to be difficult since your throat will contract.

10. Lick up his cum

Now swallowing his cum doesn’t mean he has to finish in your mouth. Instead, he can finish somewhere else, like your face, your breasts, on his stomach, etc. Then, you can lick up his cum and swallow. It’s a wild move, believe me, and looks incredibly hot and intense. Expect another round after he sees you doing that.

11. Facial swallow

Few women do this and I commend them for it. The facial swallow is pretty intense. What you do is have your partner ejaculate all over your face, just have him aim away from your eyes—safety first. After he ejaculates all over your face, you’re going to scoop the cum up with your fingers and put them in your mouth. He’ll be shocked, horny—just an array of emotions.

12. Ease yourself into swallowing cum

Listen, you’re not going to be the swallowing queen after one go. There’s no point rushing into it. This won’t be the last time you suck a dick. So, ease yourself into it, you don’t have to swallow a full load right away. Do little by little and then you can take on a full batch of cum.

13. Be mentally prepared

This is important. You’ve seen cum by now, obviously! And you know its texture and the way it runs in your fingers. If you’re planning on swallowing his cum, prepare yourself mentally by visualizing what you expect it would feel like in your mouth. You’ll be better prepared for it, instead of being shocked by the new sensation in your mouth.

14. Use lube to mask the taste and sensation

Sometimes, the best way to give swallowing cum a real try is by using lots of flavored lube. The fragrance of lube is quite overpowering and sweet, so smear his dick with a good load of lube before slipping it into your mouth.

Even if he does cum in your mouth, the taste or texture won’t bother you as much because of the lube. If you’re a novice and want to learn how to swallow cum, this is a great way to give it a test run.

15. Spit it out if it’s all too much

Sometimes, you may be mentally prepared to swallow. And everything’s going right. But all of a sudden, you just don’t feel comfortable swallowing anymore. You know what, that’s completely fine! And it’s okay it spit it out.

Your man is not going to be disappointed because you decided to spit instead of swallow. Why should he be upset by it, unless he gets some special sort of sadistic pleasure by dominating you, or enjoys watching you eat his cum?

16. Take swallowing cum one step at a time

You now know how to swallow cum, just as well as any other woman in the world. But you don’t have to go from blowjob-giver to swallower in one go. Take it easy, try it one step at a time, and work your way towards it. If the thought of swallowing his cum excites you, try tasting it first. Lick a bit of cum when he ejaculates over your hands or your body. 

If it’s something you’re comfortable with, get him to ejaculate in your mouth and spit it out. Once you’re okay with everything so far, you can give it a real try and swallow it. Who knows, you may just like it!

All you need to remember is to take it slow, and always feel in control every step of the way. 

Now that you know how to swallow cum, give it a try. If you still don’t like it, don’t worry. You do what makes you feel comfortable. No one is making you swallow cum, so you do you!

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