cannabis improves sex
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Cannabis Improves Sex

Studies show that cannabis improves sex. With financial struggles, health concerns and relationship issues, stress affects every aspect of our lives.

And sex is no exception. While sex is meant to be an enjoyable act, that isn’t always the case.

When you think of weed, it may be as a means to relax and unwind, get rid of pain or have positive effects on your sleep routine.

But cannabis can also get you high on life — your sex life, more specifically.

“Cannabis affects our sensory perception — music sounds better, food tastes better, and sex feels better,” cannabis expert and founder and CEO of WEEDAR Jonathan Bohun told The Toronto Sun.

“Studies show that 70% of people experience heightened sex drives and intensified orgasms when cannabis is involved,” he said. “Not only does it enhance pleasure, but it also tantalizes the senses, with many reporting a greater sense of taste and touch.” In conclusion, cannabis improves sex.

Relationship expert Dr. Callisto Adams agreed.

“Many studies have shown that cannabis increases people’s sensitivity to touch, so you can only imagine the benefits it has on the sex,” she said.

“Cannabis has also been shown to increase people’s intensity of feelings, making sex more ‘out of this world.’”

Bohun added that CBD products can also relieve stress and anxiety and set the mood for sex.

“Our intimate areas have numerous cannabinoid receptors, and CBD stimulates increased blood flow to these tissues, enhancing sensitivity and supporting the body’s natural lubrication,” he detailed.

Now, if you have concerns about not wanting to get high, you just need to buy the right product.

“Cannabis has two main active components: THC and CBD,” Bohun explained. “It’s the THC that primarily affects brain function and gives us that euphoric sensation associated with marijuana. CBD makes us feel good, but it doesn’t have that same high, so stick to CBD oils, tinctures, capsules, creams, or even gummies, beverages, and patches if you want some fun – without the side effects.”

As for getting too relaxed and not being able to perform, it should be noted that CBD is a relaxant.

“On the one hand, it can serve as a natural performance enhancer, reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of calmness,” Bohun warned. “On the other, if you ingest too much, you might fall asleep before you make it through foreplay.”

He added: “Just like in the bedroom, it’s best to start slow. Don’t eat a whole pack of gummies in one sitting! You can always take more later if you feel like it.”

Bohun recommended starting with a low dosage to gauge your tolerance and avoid any intimacy-ending side effects.

(Reprinted from The Toronto Sun)

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