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Women Sharing Masturbation Methods**

Women sharing masturbation methods.

Recently, TikTok user @rebeccamaxwell69 went viral after sharing what she used to masturbate with before she knew what sex was. Rebecca asked: I need answers.

Did y’all just finger yourself ?!?! #girlproblems  #thegirlsroom

  • Cucumber and I put it back …omgeee, sorry mum
  • Never admitted to this … ever … my dad’s vibrating nose hair trimmers. Sorry …
  • I had my phone on vibrate and told my friend to text me non-stop 100 times in a row. I told her that it was for an experiment …
  • I always felt guilty because I thought my dead family members were looking down on me being disappointed.
  • I had a wax mold of my hand doing the peace sign. It was filled with wax beads. I think the wax got a little too warm and it exploded. self love …
  • The teddy bear!!!!!!!!! My sister went why the teddy bear smell like that
  • A really old yet slightly firm MUFASA stuffed animal. I felt so bad for violating him that I hid him in my closet so he couldn’t look at me.
  • My barbies feet never went inside they just played soccer if ya know what I mean
  • My cats vibrating mouse toy. It only vibrated for 5 secs too so I had to keep clicking the button.
  • My best friend RAN a mile over to my house & gave me her electric horse clippers to show me what she discovered … it was so loud.
  • Yo my gandmas neck massager. She never used it but I sure did.
  • I used one of my grandmothers’ long candles that was in one of those holders on the wall … never thought I would tell anyone.
  • The footboard of the bed and the monkey bars at school. I told my friends about how it felt and we did it together. I had no clue what we were doin.
  • My sonicare toothbrush hasn’t been used for my teeth since I was 11.
  • My curling iron, unplugged OFC
  • That Conair brush with the jelly handle.
  • The bathtub drain plug would leave a little circle imprint on my lower back, and my mom saw it and was worried I had ringworm.
  • Mascara tube, hairbrush, couch arm, pillows, vibrating toothbrush, bedpost, banana … wow, this list is embarrassingly long…
  • Brooo … I cried to my mom cause I felt guilty in middle school and she got me something from lovers to safely use.


  • Guys are no better … my ex said he used to heat a ziplock bag of lotion and stick it in the couch cushion & go ham on it.

For those ladies (and gents) who have not had their fill – women sharing masturbation methods continues – check the following detailed website which will further tickle your clitoris (sorry, I do get carried away …  I mean tickle your fancy) with even more household paraphernalia:

47 Women Confess The Weirdest Item They’ve Used To Masturbate With

**The above article written by Krista Torres has been copied from Buzzfeed, @buzzfeed, and then abridged, to make it suitable for this blog and to clarify and correct the texting English.

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FACTOID: Men in regions of the Philippines and Borneo may use an ampalling to increase the sexual pleasure of their partner. A hole is incised into the penis and kept patent by insertion of a dove feather covered with oil. After healing has occurred a small rod approximately two inches in length made of ivory or gold may be inserted into the perforation just prior to intercourse. The top of the rod has a knob which is left exposed and used for sexual stimulation of the female.

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