Two hole girl
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Two Hole Girl

This is how I became a two hole girl. As our readers know, Bob and I are both very open-minded and sexually edgy. We have many eclectic and very diverse friends. Our friend Ed is gay, married to Maureen, a woman, and they have two young sons.

The only person amongst us four who doesn't know that Ed is gay is his wife. I have always been very supportive about Ed's dilemma and Ed is grateful for my understanding and support.

Unusual for us, but it was Saturday night and Bob and I were NOT out somewhere partying. The phone rang. It was Ed.

Ed spoke to me briefly and asked directly, "Bob and you are as wild as I believe, right?" I answered yes, and Ed asked me to put Bob on the phone. Very quickly Bob was smiling and soon said "Goodbye." With an even bigger smile I blurted out, "It's OK if Ed sends an attractive guy over here for me right now, isn't it?

"Of course," Bob replied, knowing that very soon I was planning on kicking my current lover to the curb.

[At some point during her sexual peak (from age 28 - 32) every orgasmic woman fantasizes about being a two hole girl. Although I can't prove it, I just know it.]

The doorbell rang twenty minutes later and Bob answered. Jozé was gorgeous, dark blond, big blue eyes, ripped, probably eastern European, and very polite. Bob invited him in and we were soon having drinks in our living room. Light conversation for twenty minutes, "How do you know Ed?", etc.

"Jozé, please excuse us for just a minute; I have to see Bob upstairs," and I reached out my hand to Bob. I led my husband to our master bedroom. "Are you alright with this," I asked. "Of course," Bob responded.

"Take off your clothes and get into one side of the bed," I ordered Bob. He did. Then I headed downstairs and a few minutes later came back to the bedroom leading Jozé by the hand. Motioning to Jozé, I coaxed him, "Take off your clothes and get into bed, I'll get in the middle."

Ten or fifteen minutes later I was on all fours with my rear perched in the air. Bob was down my throat as far as I could manage, and Jozé was well and deeply inserted in my vagina. That was my first ever experience as a two hole girl.

I can safely say that when a two hole girl plays spitroast the orgasms are mind-blowing. We met with Jozé just once more.

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