Mature Throuple
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Mature Throuple

To create this mature throuple, a happily married couple accepted a widow into their relationship and the three lovers are about to move in together.

Trey and Salina, who have kids in college, have been married for 22 years but they are now in a throuple with another woman. New member Ruth had been hitched to her husband Joe for 15 years but he died two years ago.

Despite the heartbreak, Ruth has found love again with Trey and Salina after coming out as bisexual.

And speaking to Daily Star, Trey, 46, said: “The throuple formed very naturally. We all have a ton in common and laugh constantly.

“Each person brings something special to the team. Currently we are in a long distance relationship but that changes next week, we are moving in together.

“We decided very early on that we did not want to keep everything hush hush for too long. It wasn’t fair to Ruth to be some sort of dirty secret and to not be able to share her life.

“And all we wanted was to live our lives as authentically as possible. This was not something to be ashamed of, love is love.”

Ruth, 45, lost Joe in 2020 but the throuple consider him as a “beautiful part of our story” and they “make space for his memory” in their relationship.

She first started being friends with Salina, 45, through mutual pals in the Dave Matthews Band fan community.

They both came out as bisexual last year before realizing there was a deeper connection between them.

Ruth and Salina spoke every day and the “chemistry was undeniable” after they met up for a music festival.

A group chat was then formed to add Trey into the mix and the three of them later got together in New Orleans, US.

But the brave decision to eventually embrace polyamory has had differing responses.

Trey said: “The kids were great, their generation is definitely a lot more open minded.

“There have been difficulties when it has come to some of the older family members as they just don’t understand it or approve of it and they may never. Life is too short to worry about pleasing everyone.”

This mature throuple are now sharing their story after rumours swirled about whether former boxing world champion David Haye is in a polyamorous relationship with Sian Osbourne and Una Healy.

And asked what makes this mature throuple work, Trey offered the following insight.

He said: “This relationship structure requires so much communication which isn’t always easy but it is so critical to a successful triad.

“Jealousy is natural but also something to be worked on. Just because you feel something doesn’t mean it is something.

“Usually, if someone is feeling funky, we can all talk and work through whatever it is. Whether it’s just to get that scary emotion out of your head or having your other partners validate your feelings and or calm your fears.

“It’s amazing having two other partners to lean on. We consider ourselves a family and treat each other as such.”

Trey added: “We’re also learning that there is no one way to do this. Some groups will insist on various rules, that this and only this is the correct way, etc. But we feel that whatever works for the group is the right way."

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