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Cop Cuckoldress Maegan Hall

Cop Cuckoldress Maegan Hall performed raunchy sexual antics with fellow officers and was the butt of jokes from the disgraced police chief who was her boss, court records say.

In addition, former La Vergne Police chief Burrel “Chip” Davis often shared explicit photos of the carnal cop that he kept on a burner phone he dubbed “Ole Boy.”

The sex scandal cost Davis his job. But it seems Hall’s amorous antics with colleagues were no secret in the department. Davis initially played dumb but then copped to knowing the dirty details.

Hall has now fired back with a lawsuit claiming she was “sexually groomed” into having sex with six other officers.

Maegan Hall graduation
Maegan Hall graduation

Court records revealed that in an Oct. 25, 2022 text message exchange between the then-chief Davis and Sgt. Ty McGowan, the pair joked about one raunchy photo taken by Sgt. Lewis Powell, who was having an affair with Hall.

In the text exchange, Davis asked: “Who dat?”

“Hall … Lewis,” McGowan answered.

“He on it again,” the chief replied.

“He swears he ain’t,” said McGowan.

“She nor her husband took that picture,” Davis said.

“She has a tight little ass tho,” McGowan replied.

“Yep,” said Davis.

The 26-year-old Hall was fired after rumors of her sexcapades leaked. One of the incidents included a threesome with a fellow cop and his wife in what was called a “Girls Gone Wild” scenario with a number of officers.

Hall has filed a federal civil-rights lawsuit against the city, Davis, McGowan and Powell, claiming she was “sexually groomed” by officers on her all-male shift, and last week stated she was “sexualized” by colleagues.

According to her lawsuit, the former chief and his minions joked about the incidents and shared images. One was a 13-minute video that allegedly shows Hall masturbating.

Davis and McGowan texted again three days later, court records show.

Davis texted: “I saved her for the last time. I wish I could tell her who she fucking cant do shit for her.”

McGowan responded: “I wish I could too. Then we both could play.”

“Can’t fuck Lewis tho cause the pics are,” Davis responded, adding a flame emoji.

But the clandestine cop shop capers began to come apart in December when cop cuckoldress Maegan Hall started having suicidal thoughts and checked herself into a local hospital. City officials were tipped off.

Davis, Powell and McGowan were fired over the scandal, as were Police Officer Juan Lugo-Perez and Det. Seneca Shields. Three other cops, Patrick Magliocco, Larry Holladay and Gavin Schoeberl, were suspended.

“No one person is at fault for these events,” an internal investigation concluded. “In this matter, however, our investigation found that one person possessed a unique combination of information, authority, responsibility and opportunity to change the course of these events.

“And that [person], Chief Davis did not.”

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