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Freaky Sex

Many people like having freaky sex. Getting crazy and letting your wild side out is what sex is for after all. We are primal beings!

We need to acknowledge that side of our human nature from time to time and experience all the kinky sex we can.

Now, that being said, there are many people who take freaky sex to a crazy level tending to go overboard. These are usually the ones who end up scaring people off and even getting a reputation for being a freak in the sheets.

But there are also people out there intimidated by the idea of wild and freaky sex. And they just don’t know how to do it at all. They think they’ll scare off any hookup with their kinkiness and so they hold back. Another no-no.

Freaky sex and what makes someone freaky in bed? 

Hearing the phrase, freaky sex, has a lot of associations with it. For example, people usually think of leather, whips, corsets, spanking, and other kinky things. A lot of people’s minds go to BDSM when they think of freaky sex, too. 

There is some stigma against kinky or freaky sex, and the psychology behind it is often misunderstood. A lot of people think that kink preferences result from some sort of past or childhood trauma, which is not necessarily true.

So, we need to understand how kink and freaky tendencies in sex develop, and what the people who like it get out of it.

Kink – or freaky sex – is a consensual, non-traditional sexual and intimate behavior. It can include things like sadomasochism, domination and submission, erotic roleplaying, fetishism, and erotic forms of discipline.

Preferences for freaky sex can develop innately in childhood or the interest could be developed later in life.

Strangely enough, children under the age of 10 can develop an initial engagement in kinky behaviors such as wanting to be captured and held captive when playing cops and robbers. They might also associate superheroes in movies who are in precarious positions as something that they find appealing.

These initial excitements in childhood could turn into the desire to explore their bodies through fantasies, masturbating, or exploring sensations on their bodies using objects.

Once a person reaches prepuberty, they can come to terms with their interests. But then they realize that not everyone shares those feelings of kink or freak. So, they often feel “different” because of these desires. They might think something is wrong with them until they discover that there are other people out there who also get turned on by freaky sex.

Once someone reaches the age of consent, they can develop a preference for freaky sex even if they didn’t discover it in childhood. It could be for a number of reasons. But regardless of anyone’s individual reason, the people who are into freaky sex have an inherent need for excitement and adventure.

Think of it this way. Some people love skydiving because it gives them a rush of exhilaration. While other people wouldn’t do it if you paid them a million dollars. Some people love the sensations of physical extremes and excitement, and others prefer to play it safe. 

What does it mean when your partner wants to have freaky sex?

Kinky or freaky sex seems to be an all-encompassing term for a range of sexual practices, usually called “kinks.” It mainly includes role-playing, power dynamics, and fetishes.

It requires good communication between the partners about desires and limits so that both people enjoy it.

Freaky sex can be simple or complex. It can include things like spanking, group sex, polyamory, costumes exhibition, and voyeurism. Everyone has their own level of comfort with this depending on the level of kink.

For people who enjoy freaky sex, it can be a way for them to increase their feelings of intimacy with their partners. Dangerous activities need to be negotiated, however. Some of these include hitting, whipping, or bondage.

Myths and misconceptions about freaky sex

One of the biggest misconceptions about freaky sex is that it’s not okay to say no during sexual acts. But that’s not true – you can say no in any situation. Even if you agreed to it ahead of time, you can change your mind.

Another myth surrounding freaky sex is that it involves abuse. And it doesn’t necessarily. Instead, it’s an opportunity for the partners to build trust with one another. In order to do this, both people have to keep checking in with each other to make sure they are enjoying it.

It’s important to check in often with a partner to make sure that the experience is a positive one.

There are a lot of ways you can have freaky sex. It can be complex with a lot of sexual accessories, or it can be very simple. You can do it with just one partner, multiple partners, or even by yourself. It’s often defined as sexual practices that are non-traditional but aren’t so easy to define.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, freaky sex is normal. It’s healthy to explore your fantasies as long as you both consent to them. Many people enjoy these kinds of sexual experiences, and the only people’s opinions that matter are the people who are involved.

Make sex freaky, but keep it classy

Sex is meant to be fun, wild, crazy, and unleash your inner freak. You should never have to hold back just because you’re not sure how to be a freak without going overboard. That’s why we’re here to help.

Here’s exactly how you can have freaky sex without going overboard and scaring away every person you sleep with.

The best tips for not going overboard while having freaky sex

Before we dive into all the different ways you can kick up your freak-o-meter during sex, we should first lay out the groundwork for this kind of sex.

Freaky sex is subjective. Some people may say having sex while wearing a diaper is freaky, but someone else may think they’re mad! So remember this, when you push your boundaries of what you consider to be “normal” sex according to you, then you’re already taking a step into freaky sex.

And that’s how it works, you need to explore what you enjoy and try to find a way to push the boundaries comfortably, while enhancing the sexual pleasure you and your partner(s) experience.

So you can’t just jump right in and expect everything to work out in your favor. Follow these guidelines before skipping to freaky sex.

1. Start slower

You never want to launch yourself onto someone in full-on freak mode. While there may be certain people who find this appealing, overall you’ll probably just scare someone away and make them think you’re the bad kind of freak.

Ease into your freakiness slowly, so they have a chance to brace themselves. If you do it right, then they will enjoy the freaky sex just a much as you do.

2. Listen to their body language

Body language indicates if someone enjoys your freakishness or not. Pay attention to their sounds, where their hips go, and even if they tense up when you touch them somewhere.

Always watch for signs that they’re not having fun.

3. Be confident in your moves

People who successfully have freaky sex without going overboard are the confident ones. They make you believe you love the freakiness–which they will be if you remain confident. Being shy might just add a layer of awkwardness on top of freakiness.

4. Discuss your limits for freaky sex

If you can sneak in a sexy way to discuss your limits with your partner, then you should always try to do that if you don’t want to go overboard.

They may not like certain things during sex and your freak ego might do them in if you’re unaware of their distaste for those acts.

Get freaky!

Now that you understand the way freaky sex should operate and know what you should be doing first, we can get to the good stuff. Here are all the different ways to have freaky sex without going overboard.

1. Ask them what they want–in a sexy way

You can’t be shy and insecure when you do this. You might just kill the mood. Instead, get really close to them and whisper in their ear, “What do you want me to do to you?”

This way, you’ll be able to know what they really like without making the mistake of guessing and going a little bit too freaky for their taste.

A bonus? Doing it this way increases their desire for what they want too.

2. For freaky sex try some outrageous positions

Nothing says freak quite like bending yourself into a position even a contortionist wouldn’t dare try. The key is to make sure it’s a position where the sex feels good, and it’s easy for entry.

You also want to be sure these positions aren’t too tiring to stay in.

3. For freaky sex follow your instincts

Human beings are not supposed to be shy and tentative creatures. We have urges and tendencies we often ignore because they’re not what society considers proper.

Well, you know what? To hell with society! When you’re getting naked and having fun, forget about what is considered a social norm and go with your gut. Do what you want, but make sure to read their body language so you know it’s not too far.

4. Try public, inconspicuous sex

The first thing to comes to mind for a lot of people when they think about freaky sex is having sex in public.

If you can sneak off to a public restroom–with a lock on it–and you can have sex there, it’s perfect! Just make sure you’re not too obvious because some places have laws against public sex.

5. Use your teeth every now and then

The when and the where you use your teeth can make all the difference when it comes to crossing that overboard line. You can’t just outright bite down with full force on a persons intimate parts.

When using your teeth, play, tease and gently nibble on different parts of their body. You create the freakiness from the slight fear the other person may have with biting, Plus, you’ll make some really amazing sensations.

6. Pull some hair! 

Nothing says freak like grabbing a handful of hair and pulling it–not too hard though. There should never be any hair actually coming off of the person’s head; just enough to cause them a tiny bit of pain. Hair pulling is primal and raw and sexy as hell.

7. Use some out-of-the-box toys for freaky sex

You may have some typical sex toys lying around that you like using from time to time, but what about sex toys that are wild and crazy?

Using some toys your partner may have never seen before might intimidate them, but it might also drive them wild.

8. For freaky sex get some food involved

We’ve all heard of the old licking whip cream off someone’s nipples tidbit before. But what about using other foods?

There is edible underwear, and candy necklaces *that you don’t have to use around JUST your neck*. You can even use sour candies to run along your body and make the other person find the sour spots.

9. Play sexy games

Make them use ONLY their mouths to undress you. Tell them they can’t touch you with their hands for the entirety of having sex.

Playing different games adds a level of freakiness they may not get elsewhere. The key is to stick with these rules.

10. 50 Shades of Grey it

You know what we mean. Tie them up. Whip them with functional–yet not too painful–whips. Blindfold them and leave them waiting.

If you want more ideas about this one, you’ll have to read 50 Shades of Grey. You’ll learn exactly how to have freaky sex without going overboard.

11. Play to their fetishes

Does your person have a fetish you know about or even discovered during your freaky sex rampage? Then use it! Feet fetishes are super common so if they have this fetish, then use your feet to pleasure them everywhere.

Playing up someone’s fetish creates some really freaky and fun sex.

These techniques for having freaky sex keep things exciting, steamy, and racy, but they’ll also stop you from crossing that line and going overboard. Let your freak flag fly and get kinky in bed!

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