Spontaneous Sex
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Spontaneous Sex

Perhaps your sex life is lacking spontaneous sex. Sex is great, we can all agree with that. And if you don’t, then you’re not having the right kind of sex. While planning your sex life may be the most realistic option for many of you out there, it’s even better when it’s spontaneous sex.

When you surprise your partner out of the blue, the sex is unlike anything else. The surprise alone is enough to make it a great time.

Not to mention, the confidence boost you feel when your significant other wants to go at you so randomly. It makes you feel utterly desirable, and that’s likely to lead to even more sex out of the blue!

Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex? Chances are, it’s not that extreme. Most of us prefer the comfort of our beds when it comes to getting frisky with our lovers. But that’s not very exciting and it can make the sex feel boring – even if it’s not.

When you go out and have sex in new places, it heightens everything. The emotions run higher and your adrenaline goes through the roof – only adding to the pleasure.

You don’t have to go anywhere ridiculous. Even moving the activity to your living room or kitchen can have the desired effect.

However, a word of warning. If you’re going to go at it somewhere random, make sure that you’re not going to get caught. It is illegal in most places to get down and dirty in public view! Ending up in a police cell *even temporarily* isn’t fun.

Why you should have spontaneous sex

If you’re thinking about spicing up your sex life with your significant other, you’ve come to the right place. Spontaneous sex is a great way to do just that. Here’s why you should start having this kind of sex and how to do it just right.

1. Spontaneous sex is more exciting

This is just a given. When you don’t know the sex is coming, it’s far more exciting than if you sit and plan out when you’ll have it. Your emotions will spike by the surprise of it and that increases the overall joy of it.

2. You’ll give your partner a real confidence boost

This is a benefit not many people realize when it comes to spontaneous sex. But think about it, you basically grab your significant other out of the blue and go to town on them. That’s a huge confidence boost for them. They feel like you just couldn’t help but have sex with them.

3. Doing it when the urge strikes is the most satisfying time

Have you ever felt really horny around your significant other but put off sex until it was a “better time?” If that’s the case, you just need to stop.

Having sex when the mood strikes can be overwhelmingly satisfying. You feel the urge and you just go for it – provided you’re in a place you can escape to get it on. It feels so much better to get your needs met right away rather than waiting. You can’t get that urge back to the same degree when you put it off. 

4. It’ll keep the anticipation high all the time

This is because you and your partner will never know if the other will randomly try to have sex. When you incorporate spontaneous sex into your regular routine, you’ll both always be on edge. You’ll always be wondering when they’ll try to get with you next.

5. It’s the most sincere type of sex there is

This is really the bottom line of why spontaneous sex is so great. It’s just very sincere and honest. You want them badly and right at that moment. If you schedule sex, it becomes an obligation. You feel as though you need to be horny and get the job done.

But when it’s spontaneous, you’re having sex because it’s what you want in that moment. It’s how you feel right then and there. And that’s the sincerest form of sex.

Things to avoid when it comes to spontaneous sex

If you want to keep things hot and heavy throughout the course of your relationship, spontaneous sex plays a huge part. However, there are a few things you should avoid doing if you want to get it right.

1. Take the hint

It’s entirely possible that your partner just won’t be in the mood at that moment. If that’s the case, it’s fine, let it go. There will be another time! Don’t keep on at them if they’re not interested. Firstly, it’s disrespectful and secondly, it’s downright annoying!

2. Spontaneous, yes. Reckless, no

There is a big difference between being spontaneous and being reckless. Don’t take unnecessary risks.

For example, if your partner isn’t on birth control and the mood takes you, make sure you have condoms ready – don’t just risk it. If you’re out and about and the mood takes you, don’t attempt to get down to it somewhere you’re sure to get caught.

3. Don’t overdo it

For sure, a great thing about spontaneous sex is that it can happen anywhere, at any time. But when you start forcing it, it’s not spontaneous anymore.

Don’t overdo it. Don’t always be looking for opportunities to have spontaneous sex because then it’s not spontaneous, it’s just forced. Wait for the mood to take you!

4. Don’t schedule it in your head

Alongside not forcing it, don’t mentally schedule in your head when you’re going to attempt to surprise your partner in this way. Again, that’s not spontaneous, that’s just half-planned.

How to have spontaneous sex the right way

Yes, there is a right way to have spontaneous sex. If you’re ready to surprise your lover with some action in the sack, here’s how you can do just that.

1. Surprise them at work

Show up to their work with lunch for them – and give them a little something special for dessert. This works extremely well if they have their own office. They’ll be relaxed and ready to finish out their day afterward.

2. Hop in the shower in the morning thus inviting spontaneous sex

Doing this is very simple. It’s also a great way to start any day. While they’re getting ready in the morning, slip in the shower with them. It doesn’t even have to be very long. A quick romp before work can also set a positive tone for the rest of the day.

3. Interrupt them with spontaneous sex while they’re doing chores

You may have to practice this one with caution, but if you can do it, it’s the best. There’s no better way to show your appreciation for your partner’s hard work on the chores than spontaneous sex. Walk up behind them while they’re doing dishes and start kissing their neck. Let it escalate from there.

4 Ladies, skip the panties when wearing a dress out to dinner

If you’re feeling particularly frisky, don’t put on panties. Wear a dress to dinner and let your lover know you aren’t wearing any. Then pull him into the bathroom with you and get it on.

5. Go public

Although this may be a little controversial, it’s also very exciting. A great place to randomly try to have sex with your partner is out in public. You’ll have to be very careful to not get caught if you try this. But if you can do it, the adrenaline rush is worth it.

6. Middle of the night sex

This is another one that you’ll have to be careful of, but you can always try. If you wake up in the middle of the night with a sudden urge, give your partner slow, soft kisses.

See if they rouse enough for you to arouse them. But if they continue to sleep, remember to take the hint.

7. Pull out some mid-movie spontaneous sex moves

If you’re having a movie night with your significant other, try to put on the moves. Start kissing their neck and grabbing them in all the right places.

8. Park the car on a back road for spontaneous sex if you’re driving

This is a really fun way to have spontaneous sex. If you’re driving around and suddenly have the urge to bang your partner, take a different way home. Park the car down some back road and go to town.

9. Grab them for spontaneous sex when they walk in the door after work

The second they walk through the door, grab them and have your way with them. You may have to wait for them to get settled. However, if you know they’ll be up for it, do it right away.

10. Double the fun

After you’ve just had sex and got your breath back, go for round two. This is spontaneous in the sense that your partner won’t expect a second time. Be the one to suggest it and get that double fun done!

One of the best things about spontaneous sex is that you can literally do it anytime, anywhere. Surprise your partner with the best sex of their life the next time they walk through the door.

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