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Polyamorous Mother

A polyamorous mother-of-two has revealed how she betrayed her husband of 28 years with another woman she met at work, and why she cheated on him for 12 months without him finding out.

Danielle, from Sydney, had been with her partner and the father of her two children for nearly three decades when she met a woman in her office and felt 'immediately attracted to her'.

'I couldn't explain it to anyone, I had done what I was meant to do in life,' she told Zoe Marshall's podcast The Deep.

'I had found the One and built a life around heterosexual monogamy. That's what everything in society tells us to do.' 

Soon, one thing led to another and Danielle found herself getting closer to this woman. 

Physical closeness led to cuddles and kisses, and she explained that before she knew it she was a polyamorous mother in a full-blown sexual relationship with the woman.

'I fell head over heels in love with her,' Danielle said.

'To find someone that actually saw me [was brilliant]. I hadn't really seen me and my friends and my partner didn't see me. There was only one person [who saw me]. This was an identity thing.' 

Danielle cheated on her husband Justin for a year without detection before he stumbled upon a text message on her phone from the woman that read 'Do you wish Justin knew?' 

With her 'hand forced', Danielle told Justin that she was in love with this woman and that she was polyamorous but also still loved him.

'It was like a tsunami on four people's lives. It blew up instantly,' she explained. 

While her relationship with the woman at work didn't last due to the sheer amount of hurt it caused on four people's lives, Danielle explained that she and Justin have managed to find a way to navigate the murky waters of her life as a polyamorous mother.

Justin - who 'isn't sure' if he is polyamorous yet - has set up a dating profile for Danielle to help her find other polyamorous men and women to date.

Danielle has currently been seeing another woman, J, as well as her husband for the past two years. 

'We all hang out together,' Danielle said. 'We have lunches and cook together.' 

She spends half of the week at home with Justin and her children, aged 16 and 20, and the other half with J.

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  1. Good One, Susan. Safely add this to the list of modern tropes…Str8 posing chick finds same sex amore at work while getting some water.
    I’ll go one further, this has actually been going on since the beginning…not so modern, after all. First, in The Tribe, then in Egyptian times to the Greeks and Romans alike with a fast run into those meh Victorian love affairs to spunky town now.
    See, since the beginning…Oi!

    I have a Bateman story for you when we talk…

    Jason E.

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