Gestalt reveals the mind
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Gestalt Reveals the Mind

Dictionary Definition of gestalt: an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts. Gestalt reveals the mind.

Though the dictionary definition may confuse about how this works with sexual tension this approach will become crystal clear if we look to some examples.

  • Two people are on a first date, say, in a public place such as a restaurant or bowling alley. Her medium length hair has been tied in a pony tail since you first got together earlier this evening. Without a word said she reaches behind her head and removes the elastic band allowing her hair to fall naturally all the while shaking her head to separate her hair and to make it fall naturally across the top of her back.
  • While sitting across from one another in a diner, restaurant, library, cafeteria, bar, or anywhere people are so positioned, he or she ‘inadvertently’ reaches across while speaking and touches your hand which is also resting on the tabletop.
  • In a group setting where people are sitting in any organized fashion such as rows, or even in a circle, someone while sitting quietly is rhythmically shaking their leg. (Whether their leg is crossed or uncrossed does not matter.)
  • You are on the bus or commuter train minding your own business and just looking around. You see a woman run her extended fingers through her hair seemingly to adjust the way her hair falls onto her back. Whoa! – should she repeat this telling move.
  • A person shakes your hand and hangs on to it just a little too long.
  • In a one-on-one conversation a naughty word is ‘accidently’ uttered rather than the intended word. Embarrassed, the person apologizes with something like: “That was just a Freudian slip”, and then corrects themselves.

These are all examples of the subconscious speaking the unvarnished truth. There are countless others. The subconscious does not care about propriety, or manners, or social graces. The subconscious seeks sexual release and always manages to find it, one way or another. This is axiomatic across nature.

The usual way that the body fulfills this imperative is by making its appendages – arms, legs, mouth, eyes – somehow, do or act out, whatever it, the subconscious, wants done. This explains each of the six examples cited above. There is never a conscious intent as the body acts out these motions, these gestalts.

Although this psychological framework was first elucidated at the turn of the twentieth century by Freud and his school. Ron David Lang, a Scottish therapist, picked up on these theories of body/mind unification and subsequent mental illness being caused by The Divided Self in the early1960s Then came Frederick S. Perls. These unconscious bodily tactics were not generally disseminated to the population at large until advertised to mainstream psychology by Frederick (Fritz) S. Perls in his seminal 1969 work, Gestalt Therapy Verbatim. Perls followed up with several later works one of which is titled In And Out of the Garbage Pail.

Because gestalt unconsciously reveals the mind, the master of gestalt is therefore the master of seduction.

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FACTOID: It was the custom of some Romans to require the ritual deflowering of a virgin with the wooden phallus of the fertility god, Mutunus Tutunus, before the consummation of her marriage.

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