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Constant Sex Pest

A massage therapist who was told to treat Prince Andrew in his bedroom claims he was her creepiest client and a “constant sex pest”. Emma Gruenbaum, 50, says Andrew quizzed her on her love life and tried to hug her after sessions at Royal Lodge, Windsor.

She says she swore at the Duke and stared at him after a remark about her bottom, adding: “It was just so tense and weird.”

And she says one crude remark led to her telling him: “It’s none of your f***ing business.”

Emma, 50, spoke out after Andrew’s legal team said his sex-case accuser Virginia Giuffre “may suffer from false memories”.

Emma explained: “I don’t want to sit by and not speak out about the way he was towards me as he calls Virginia delusional.”

Emma was a 34-year-old sports massage therapist at the Wentworth Club in Surrey when she started treating Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson in early 2005.

Fergie recommended her services and Andrew’s staff got in touch.

Emma first met Andrew that summer, a few months after the first sex claims against the Duke’s pal Jeffrey Epstein emerged in the US.

Emma, a freelancer who was not knowingly vetted by Palace staff, visited Andrew six times that year.

She said: “I had a lot of high-profile clients and often visited their homes. But Andrew was very different. He was a constant sex pest right from the start.”

Emma says she first got a call from the Duke’s personal secretary inviting her to the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park.

She added: “That was unusual, to ask me to come on a Sunday afternoon. But I said yes and went along at about 6pm as arranged.

“I knew the park because my horse was kept there.

“I took my own table which I always use because it is set at the right height for me to do the massage properly. But when I got there I got told: No, he will only use his own table.

“I was led through the house by a member of staff. I followed him up a couple of flights of stairs and ended up in the bedroom, a very impressive master suite.

“I said, ‘Oh I’m not really comfortable doing this in his bedroom.’ I looked at the massage table and I said, ‘And that is much too high.’ It was up to my hips so I’d be kind of there massaging at boob level, which is something I obviously didn’t want. So I said, ‘Can we move it out of the bedroom? I am not comfortable.’

“But I was told it wasn’t an option, this was the way the Duke liked it.

“He always had massages in his bedroom and he liked to be close to his bed to roll into bed after.

“I was told not to make a fuss. I didn’t know what else to say and the staff member left.”

Emma says she then attempted to lower the table to a level for a deep-tissue massage.

'NICE A***'

She added: “I dropped to the floor and started to adjust the bed.

“I heard a voice, ‘Hey nice a****. Do you take it up the a***?’

“I stood up quickly and turned around. I was up against the massage table and he was up against me, eyeball to eyeball. Almost touching, he was really close.

“And I went, ‘None of your f***ing business.’ And he just looked at me in sort of a dead stare and said, ‘You can’t talk to me like that.’ I said, ‘Well you can’t speak to me like that.’

“There was then a momentary silence where I was sort of staring at him and I tried to step sideways and get away from being up against the table. It was just so tense, it was really weird.

“But I have had stupid comments over the years and I just said, ‘Look are you going to behave? Get your robe off and lie down and let me do my work. Or am I leaving?’

“And he said, ‘No, I think we’re going to get on just fine.’

“And he slipped off his robe and got on the table.

“I always looked away as he got on the table and made sure there was a towel covering his modesty, but he was always naked under the towel. We started the massage. But all the way through he was talking about anal sex and making anal sex jokes. He asked when I had last had sex. It went on and on. 

“I kept telling him to shut up but quickly realized he was OK with being talked at like he was a naughty schoolboy kind of thing.

“So I just carried on in that vein telling him to shut up. And that was the pattern. I saw him six times. He’d say he would get someone to pay me because he doesn’t deal with cash.”

Andrew’s office sent cheques to Emma’s home address including a compliment slip from the Duke.


The constant sex pest paid £80 for a 70-minute ­session and requested Emma’s services almost every Sunday for a while. She added: “Every time I saw him he would try to overstep the line. He’d try to hug me without fail. I would have to put my hand on his chest and push him off and say, ‘Look I don’t do hugs.’

“He asked me to watch a movie a couple of times. Once he said he wanted to make me a cup of tea and led me off somewhere as I was leaving. We ended up in the kitchen and he said he didn’t even know where the kettle was. I just wanted to leave. I said firmly, ‘Look where is the way out?’ And I left.”

After visiting the Duke almost weekly for around two months Emma stopped getting calls from his staff to arrange appointments.

She said: “I think it is because he wanted more and he was clearly not going to get anywhere.  

“His advances weren’t working and I think that his patience ran out. He always tried to turn the conversation to sex or jokes about sex. I’d tell him it wasn’t appropriate or it just wasn’t funny.

“He was a constant sex pest. But it was always in a ‘matron and schoolboy’ way.

“He seemed to want me to tell him to shut up. He was just a creep. I always used to tell my girlfriends what a total creep he was.

“Then I just stopped getting phone calls. I was playing hard to get, too hard.

“It didn’t bother me. I had a lot of great clients. But I didn’t see Sarah again after I started seeing the Duke which was odd. I didn’t complain to anyone at the time because I thought everyone would just know what he was like. 

“I was a 34-year-old woman and I can handle myself and I felt I could handle this royal constant sex pest.

“But now I see the way he has treated younger women. It is scary to think how I might have felt if I was ten years younger and less experienced.”

Emma’s experience echoes that of masseuse Monique Giannelloni who told two years ago how, in 2000, a valet showed her Andrew’s bedroom at Buckingham Palace before he came out of a bathroom naked.

Monique’s “unvetted” visit sparked a security breach after it was revealed she was introduced to him by Epstein’s lover and Andrew’s pal Ghislaine Maxwell.

Last month The Sun reported on claims by Andrew’s ex-maid Charlotte Briggs that he made her run up four flights of stairs to close curtains he was sitting next to.

Emma, now a successful surveyor who lives in Windsor, said she was speaking out because there is “more and more evidence and noise about how he has behaved”.

She added: “I just really want to add my voice and my experience to help, if it does help at all, to add context on what sort of character he is and how he treated me. And if that helps Virginia then fantastic.”

Ms Giuffre claims she was trafficked by Epstein to have sex with Andrew when she was 17. Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, vehemently denies all her claims.

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