Wet Lettuce Men
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Wet Lettuce Men

Have you heard of the term ‘wet lettuce men?’ I hadn’t either, and now that I have, I can’t stop thinking about how hot I find them.

According to Urban Dictionary, a wet lettuce man is someone that is betraying his male gender. The dictionary’s example of what it means for a man to be a ‘wet lettuce’ is pretty amusing.

Here’s a conversation the dictionary used to put the phrase into context.

“Why isn’t Neil coming out this weekend?”

“He’s washing his dog’s hair.”

“F**king wet lettuce.”

I’m forever horrified by other men shaming men for caring about something besides themselves.

Surely a grown man should prioritize caring for his dog over getting beers? Would animal neglect be more masculine?

When a man introduced me to the wet lettuce phrase he described it as “men who don’t know how to be men anymore”.

He elaborated, because these kinds of men always elaborate, and said wet lettuce men are the kind that don’t always pay for dinner and tend to take on more of the domestic load.

He seemed disgusted, but he was also describing my ideal man.

Someone who cleans, cooks and doesn’t think paying the bill means he is abdicated from those responsibilities. Sign me up!

This guy seemed to believe that women wanted alpha males and not equal contributors, but you only have to look at the most famous men in the world right now to see there’s been a cultural shift.

We want men that express emotions, push back against gender norms and are good communicators.

Just look at the legions of women who are obsessed with Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes and Lil Nas X.

There’s a reason even Brad Pitt and Ewan Mcgregor have started wearing skirts on red carpets.

They have realized there’s been a shift and are embracing it and you know what? Women love them for it.

The modern hot man isn’t a brooding bad boy with a strong right hook.

The modern hot man is someone that bakes bread, listens and doesn’t think his masculinity hinges on how brutish he can behave.

I realize that there is still the Andrew Tate side of the internet that screams at men that they should assert their masculinity by being unhelpful and then threatening to punch people but I think there’s a reason that kind of content is directed at men and not women.

Women aren’t buying into it!

We want men that do housework, clean, chat and take on some of the emotional load. We aren’t looking for alpha males or the strong silent type.

We are looking for wet lettuce men who are prepared to push back against traditional masculinity to be a good partner.

Ironically the very thing some men fear is one of the biggest turn-ons for women.

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